Jenga slots Review

Jenga is a family game that is enjoyed by adults and children alike, and now Cryptologic has taken this game and turned it into a slot machine. The ever-popular game that was created in the 1970s looks great as a slot game and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

The non-progressive game has 18 side reels and 18 pay lines, which is a bit different from the usual five reels that most slot games have. Players can start betting at 5 cents and can go up to 20 dollars per pay line. 20 dollars is considered a rather large betting amount and hence the jackpot of 50,000 dollars seems justified.

The game that was released in 2009, features various icons with Jenga blocks but also offers wild symbols and scatter symbols. A magic block represents the wild symbol and five of those can help the player hit the jackpot. The magic block can be used to replace any symbols except the scatter symbol. A layer bomb represents the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbols can help to replace blocks at the top of the tower but unlike traditional slot games, it does not result in a score multiplier or a free spin. However, some times free spins may be awarded to the player when layers are destroyed and replaced by new layers.

If three matching blocks appear on the screen, the player is entitled to a prize and the layer will reach the top, leaving a space to be filled. All these appearing and disappearance of blocks may make it seem like a complicated game but it is not. It essentially works like the traditional Jenga game except for the fact that it is being played on a computer screen.

The game does not offer a gambling feature and all prizes are considered final and cannot be doubled.

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