Wagerworks Casinos

Wagerworks is of the few casino software companies to have its roots in the land-based casino arena as they were a part of the Silicon Gaming company which was a manufacturer of slots to many land based casinos. Wagerworks became a fully independent company as Silicon Gaming merged with an even bigger company, and this is when They recognized the massive potential of online gambling as they started to delve into the creation of software that was known for its richness in graphics and accuracy of payouts.

Wagerworks Casinos are know for having some of the most unique casino games in the industry as Wagerworks itself has routinely secured licensing to some of the most well know brand names in the casino industry. So lets take a look at some of the latest big name casino games that they have secured.

They newest casino game is is called Transformer – Ultimate Payback and in this online 5 reel slot game the the mystery symbols start to transform and can multiply your winnings many fold and the top payout is 250,000 credits . In this Wagerworks Casino game there is definatly more then meets the eye. This is just one example of how Wagerworks keenly secured the right to this game and it has become a favorite among gamblers and online casino owners themselves.

Wagerworks also have secured deals to offer its software to some of the biggest online casinos such as 888 which consists of a large network of casinos such as Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker which is one of the larger well known online poker sites on the net. Bet365 is another casino that uses their software in its casinos which have a whopping 2 million customer who reside all over the globe as they are also in the top 20 UK based private companies. They also have one of the largest network of progressive jackpots called MegaJackPots in which they have 3 primary games: Cluedo, Monopoly and Cleopatra where the progressive jackpots regularly number over the 2 million dollar range.

They have developed their software to integrate easily with the different online payment systems that most gamblers use today such as VISA and Mastercard, Debit, NETeller and many other big names, so depositing and waithdrawing is very quick and easily trackable by both the casino and their patrons. The interfaces of the casino software can operate in most world languages which makes their games fun to play no matter what language you speak.

They also have built up some pretty impressive deals with huge companies world wide such as SonyPicture, Hasbro and action gaming which enables them to bring some pretty big names to their collection of online casino games. With a combination of partners of this size you know that you are dealing with one of the biggest grands in the online gambling world when you gamble at wagerworks Casinos.

Just 2 years back Wagerworks won the presigious Meister Award for having the best casino software of 2007. Casino Meister also has one of the biggest online gambling forums on the net and it is a very award that is given only to the best casino software.

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